Retour au pensionnat à la campagne

Twenty-four teenagers go back in time to the fifties. For three weeks, they will live within the walls of a very strict boarding school and will try to obtain their grandparent's school-leaving certificate. As they step into this adventure, they are not yet aware that the past isn't exactly what they think: discipline, obedience, chores, strictness and hard work are the pillars of the school. In the era of mobile phones, internet and social media, how will today's teenagers react to this return to their austere roots? Will ‘50s discipline reconcile today's pupils with authority? What lessons will they draw from this experience? Welcome to this leap back in time to a boarding school... in the countryside!
Retour au pensionnat à la campagne
  • 4 prime time
  • Channel : M6, RTL TVI
  • Duration : 110 minutes
  • Year : 2013
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