De quoi je me mêle !

Every day, « De quoi je me mêle ! » plunges into the heart of current events. Far from the detached opinion of various experts and specialists, you, the viewer, will be at the centre of the debate. On the menu are themes that directly affect your daily life: consumption, local news, personal rants, media buzz, solidarity, prejudice and misconceptions.

Sophie Pendeville and his team of commentators give you the floor both live on set and via text message, Facebook or Twitter. For the first time, the viewer is the real star of his own show, in a programme where the audience has its rightful place.


The studio

De quoi je me mêle !
  • Channel : RTL TVI
  • Duration : 35 minutes
  • Presented by : Sophie Pendeville
  • Year : 2015
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